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      West Shaolin Temple (also known as Peak Temple) is located in Gaofeng Mountain, Gaoping Town, Dazu District, Chongqing, 12 kilometers from the city. Forty-one years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1702) Dazu District, Zhongzhu Town, Yuhuanggou, Yang's ancestor Xiqiao Buddhist Master Yang Shunlian, Bi Bishan, Biyan After several years of hard work, fundrai
Xishan Shaolin Temple Kungfu tradition
Months 1 - 3 and 15 - 18 every month, West Shaolin Temple·Yi Jin wash marrow longevity exercises experience. Experience fee: 980 yuan, including food, shelter, training service.
Western Shaolin Temple has long been recruiting Zen, Wu, and medical disciples.
Summer class: Martial arts training time: July 10 to August 20. Mainly Shaolin traditional kung fu.
Xi Yanxiang: Ci Cixing, the common name Li Xiang. The Shaolin Temple was the descendant of the 34th generation. The original Shaolin Temple was often hospitalized with traditional martial arts. He was from Weixian County, Hebei Province. He had been with Shi Yi, Li Yiming, Li Shangyou, Chang Fenglou, and Li Feng Xiwu. After investing in the Shaolin Temple, the fifth-generation ancestor of the hidden gate, Qi Pengxiang, the son of Qi Kequan, practiced hidden gates and became the sixth generation of the hidden gate of the Shaolin Temple. In 2001, he became a monk in the Shaolin Temple. He used the Shaoying Temple abbot Shi Yongxin as his teacher. Master gave the law number: Yanxiang. Xi Yanxiang was at the Shaolin Temple. He used traditional martial arts as a basis to cultivate Dharma's Yi Jin Jing and the Washing Mutual Sutra. In 2009, Master Shi Yongxin went to France to declare the traditional Kung Fu in Shaolin Temple as an international intangible cultural heritage. In the same year, Shi Yongxin was appointed by Master Shi Yanxin as the original successor of traditional martial arts in the Shaolin Temple and the “Yi Jin Jing” “washing marrow meridian” in Dharma. In the year of 2010, at the Shaolin Temple, the pupil was given the Pichu Prison. In early 2017, Master Shi Yanxiang stayed at the Peak Temple in Dazu District, Chongqing. In order to spread the traditional culture of Shaolin, the temple named Xi Shaolin, Xi Yanxiang Master Ren Feng Temple hosted and also founder of Western Shaolin Temple.
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